The Westin Los Cabos Resort

Resort Rebranding

This project was a complete rebrand of The Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas & Spa outlets. It was a huge undertaking and one of my greatest experiences as a designer. This resort had been previously destroyed by a hurricane and was being rebranded from the ground up. Working along several teams, I had the chance to create a cohesive look and feel to the restaurants, marketplace, bars and spa. 

Cocina Casera—This logo was inspired by the cactus fruit (pitaya) art beautifully decorating the interior.

Coralline—The Design was inspired by the Coralline pink algea that lives on the shells of the resorts beach. I chose to create a mermaid that could be personified as Coralline. The illustration was created on paper then digitally painted.

Mercadito—Logo inspired by the Talevera pottery of Mexico. The artwork made for this outlet was used on the tvs displaying a deli-style menu.

Margaritas—A wet bar with and oceanfront view. This logo was created to feel fun, light and want to make you drink a Margarita!

Baja Bar & Grill—Though this outlet had to be renamed for legal reasons, I created this logo and menu to fit the fun look of this bar. This name however no longer exists.